First Trust Portfolios L.P.

Most recent update: March 31, 2016

CompanyShares/WarrantsValue ($000)
Empire District Electric Company (The)4,369,360N/A
Blackrock Core Bond Trust4,814,128N/A
Invesco Van Kampen Bond Fund1,173,313N/A
Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty Fund4,899,455N/A
Blackrock Municipal Income Quality Trust1,090,272N/A
PDL BioPharma10,709,055N/A
Virtus Total Return Fund4,384,681N/A
Calamos Global Total Return Fund746,880N/A
Blackrock Global2,228,329N/A
Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Total Return Fund Inc664,481N/A
Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund2,553,369N/A
THL Credit Senior Loan Fund1,452,200N/A
Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund3,301,733N/A
Nuveen Short Duration Credit Opportunities Fund1,844,068N/A
Blackstone GSO Long Short Credit Income Fund2,282,712N/A
Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund, Inc.4,267,777N/A
Advent Claymore Convertible Securities and Income Fund II5,564,303N/A
Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund Inc.2,704,271N/A
Guggenheim Credit Allocation Fund1,160,013N/A
Guggenheim Equal Weight Enhanced Equity Income Fund1,460,640N/A
AGIC Equity & Convertible Income Fund4,636,962N/A
Managed Duration Investment Grade Municipal Fund1,109,366N/A
Wells Fargo Advantage Multi-Sector Income Fund6,176,765N/A
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fund2,536,446N/A
Advent Claymore Convertible Securities and Income Fund3,630,591N/A
Avenue Income Credit Strategies Fund2,039,160N/A
Nuveen Global Value Opportunities Fund2,860,346N/A
Western Asset Investment Grade Defined Opportunity Trust Inc.1,634,565N/A
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Total Income Fund1,287,037N/A
Apollo Tactical Income Fund Inc.2,016,785N/A
Columbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth Fund2,203,680N/A
Nuveen Energy MLP Total Return Fund5,492,168N/A
ING Global Advantage and Premium Opportunity Fund2,485,126N/A
Pioneer Diversified High Income Trust1,131,052N/A
Federated Premier Municipal Income Fund870,680N/A
BlackRock Long-Term Municipal Advantage Trust1,689,588N/A
Franklin Templeton Limited Duration Income Trust3,175,962N/A
Eaton Vance California Municipal Bond Fund II500,332N/A
ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund1,642,702N/A
Pioneer Floating Rate Trust3,199,483N/A
Kayne Anderson Energy Development Company1,269,437N/A
Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund9,771,033N/A
ING Infrastructure Industrial and Material Fund2,240,175N/A
Wells Fargo Advantage Global Dividend Opportunity Fund5,534,767N/A
ClearBridge Energy MLP Opportunity Fund Inc.3,505,500N/A
Eaton Vance New Jersey Municipal Bond Fund284,129N/A
Eaton Vance Senior Floating-Rate Fund4,097,378N/A
Western Asset/Claymore U.S. Treasury Inflation Prot Secs Fd3,183,870N/A
Nuveen New Jersey Municipal Value Fund168,585N/A
Nuveen Diversified Dividend and Income Fund2,243,713N/A
ING Emerging Markets High Dividend Equity Fund2,190,644N/A
Salient Midstream1,916,937N/A
Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportuntiy Fund4,126,789N/A
Prudential Global Short Duration High Yield Fund, Inc.4,275,951N/A
Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Income Fund1,469,616N/A
Eaton Vance Municipal Bond Fund II1,066,529N/A
Wells Fargo Advantage Income Opportunities Fund6,581,994N/A
ING Risk Managed Natural Resources Fund2,196,280N/A
Neuberger Berman High Yield Strategies Fund1,826,881N/A
ING International High Dividend Equity Income Fund757,080N/A
Western Asset High Yield Defined Opportunity Fund Inc.1,949,028N/A
Western Asset Mortgage Defined Opportunity Fund Inc881,433N/A
Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend1,464,607N/A
Legg Mason BW Global Income Opportunities Fund Inc.1,855,788N/A
U.S. Silica Holdings4,696,667N/A
Lazard World Dividend & Income Fund613,284N/A
ClearBridge Energy MLP Total Return Fund Inc.3,082,466N/A
MainStay DefinedTerm Municipal Opportunities Fund2,203,688N/A
Advent/Claymore Enhanced Growth & Income Fund1,127,222N/A
John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Global Shareholder Yield Fund845,925N/A
Cohen & Steers Select Preferred and Income Fund896,666N/A
Nuveen New York Municipal Value Fund 2178,714N/A
BlackRock Multi-Sector Income Trust2,779,035N/A
Blackrock Capital and Income Strategies Fund Inc3,228,111N/A
Prudential Short Duration High Yield Fund2,402,534N/A
Western Asset/Claymore U.S Treasury Inflation Prot Secs Fd 24,265,917N/A
Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return Fund2,481,580N/A
Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc2,047,241N/A
Fiduciary/Claymore MLP Opportunity Fund2,165,951N/A
Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund3,785,285N/A
Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund6,429,395N/A
Goldman Sachs MLP Income Opportunities Fund2,808,998N/A
NextEra Energy Partners1,815,481N/A
Nuveen Global High Income Fund1,302,191N/A
Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund2,933,579N/A
Eaton Vance New York Municipal Bond Fund II138,292N/A
Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth Fund746,791N/A
Transmontaigne Partners L.P.825,496N/A
Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund7,281,871N/A
Eaton Vance Short Diversified Income Fund896,515N/A
Eaton Vance Risk-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund3,180,438N/A
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Income Fund1,196,788N/A
Brightcove Inc.1,634,285N/A
Brookfield Global Listed Infrastructure Income Fund694,558N/A
ING Global Equity Dividend and Premium Opportunity Fund4,756,737N/A
Nuveen Preferred Income Opportunites Fund4,623,561N/A
GAMCO Natural Resources959,293N/A
Deutsche High Income Opportunities Fund623,305N/A
Tortoise MLP Fund2,259,183N/A
NexPoint Credit Stategies Fund662,952N/A
Nuveen California Municipal Value Fund 2151,237N/A
Costamare Inc.2,747,815N/A
Blackstone / GSO Strategic Credit Fund1,497,250N/A
Eaton Vance Limited Duration Income Fund4,163,776N/A
Blackrock Enhanced Government Fund246,580N/A
Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income Fund615,775N/A
Nuveen Municipal High Income Opportunity Fund1,556,727N/A
Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund520,283N/A
TAL International Group1,162,482N/A
Wells Fargo Advantage Utilities and High Income Fund198,081N/A
Textainer Group Holdings Limited1,316,556N/A
Nuven Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund 290,792N/A
Blackrock Corporate High Yield Fund VI Inc2,238,541N/A
Cohen & Steers Reit and Preferred Income Fund Inc1,374,573N/A
Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund539,389N/A
AGIC Convertible & Income Fund II19,054N/A
Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Strategy Fund82,104N/A
Federated Enhanced Treasury Income Fund0N/A
Vectrus, Inc.41,558N/A
Duff & Phelps Select Energy MLP Fund Inc.2,674,587N/A
Rex Energy Corporation1,544,033N/A