Granite Construction Incorporated's Senior Vice President just disposed of 10,000 shares

Michael Francis Donnino, Granite Construction Incorporated's Senior Vice President, recently disposed of 10,000 shares of the company. The disposals took place at $33.17 per share, on August 07, 2014. Donnino still owns 69,595 shares of the company. Donnino operates out of Watsonville, CA. Some additional info was provided as follows:

The number of securities reported represents an aggregate number of shares sold in multiple open market transactions over a range of sales prices. The price reported represents the weighted average price. The Reporting Person undertakes to provide the staff of the SEC, the Issuer, or a stockholder of the Issuer, upon request, the number of shares sold at each separate price within the range. Total adjusted to include dividend equivalent s credited to the Reporting Person under the dividend reinvestment feature of the Granite Construction Incorporated 2012 Equity Incentive Plan since the Reporting Person's last report, and an Employee Stock purchase (5/15/14) and earned dividends under the dividend feature of the ESP plan.

The above information was disclosed in a filing to the SEC. To see this filing in its entirety, click here.

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