Departure of Directors or Certain

Effective June13, 2016, the Board of Directors of Abercrombie & FitchCo. (the Company) appointed JoanneC. Crevoiserat to serve as the Interim Principal Executive Officer of the Company. Ms. Crevoiserat will continue to hold the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company. Biographical and other information concerning Ms. Crevoiserat required to be disclosed under Item5.02 is set forth in the Companys most recent definitive Proxy Statement, dated May2, 2016, related to the Companys 2016 Annual Meeting of Stockholders, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) on May2, 2016, and in the Companys Annual Report on Form10-K for the fiscal year ended January30, 2016, filed with the SEC on March28, 2016, and such information is incorporate d from those filings into this Current Report on Form8-K by reference.

As previously reported by the Company in the Current Report on Form8-K dated May5, 2016 and filed by the Company with the SEC on the same day, on May2, 2016, JonathanE. Ramsden informed the Company that he intended to step down from his position as Chief Operating Officer of the Company and the Company accepted Mr.Ramsdens resignation, consistent with the terms of his notice, so that Mr. Ramsdens last day of employment with the Company and its subsidiaries was June15, 2016. Mr. Ramsden had also been serving as Interim Principal Executive Officer of the Company and Ms. Crevoiserat succeeded him in such position.

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Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned hereunto duly authorized.


Dated: June 16, 2016


/s/ Robert E. Bostrom

Robert E. Bostrom

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


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