Hydra Industries Acquisition Corp. Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: Net loss per share...

Net loss per share
The Company complies with accounting and disclosure requirements of ASC To pic 260, “Earnings Per Share.” Net loss per share is computed by dividing net loss by the weighted average number of shares of common stock outstanding during the period. Shares of common stock subject to possible redemption at June 30, 2016 and 2015 have been excluded from the calculation of basic loss per share since such shares, if redeemed, only participate in their pro rata share of the Trust Account earnings. The Company has not considered the effect of warrants to purchase 7,875,000 shares of common stock and rights that convert into 800,000 shares of common stock in the calculation of diluted loss per share, since the exercise of the warrants and the conversion of the rights into shares of common stock is contingent upon the occurrence of future events. As a result, diluted loss per share is the same as basic loss per share for the periods presented.

The above information was disclosed in a filing to the SEC. To see the filing, click here.

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