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ubsequent Events
Mergers and Closing
On July 12, 2016, Triton, TCIL, TAL, Ocean Delaware Sub, Inc., a Delaware corporation and direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Triton (“Delaware Merger Sub”), and Ocean Bermuda Sub Limited, a Bermuda exempted limited liability company and direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Triton (“Bermuda Merger Sub”), completed the previously announced transactions contemplated by the transaction agreement, dated as of November 9, 2015, by and among Triton, TCIL, TAL, Delaware Merger Sub and Bermuda Merger Sub.
Pro Forma Results
The pro forma information reflects the “acquisition” method of accounting in accordance with the FASB issued Accounting Standards Topic No. 805, Business Combinations (“ASC No. 805”). TCIL has been treated as the acquirer in the mergers for accounting purposes. In making the determination of the accounting acquirer, TCIL considered all pertinent information and facts related to the combined entity as identified by ASC No. 805-10-55-12 to 15, which included relative voting rights, presence of a large minority interest, composition of the Board of Directors and senior management, terms of the exchange of equity interests, and relative size. In the aggregate, it was concluded that factors such as the TCIL's 55% voting rights in the combined entity, after considering certain voting limitations, the presence of a large minority voting interest concentrated within the former Company shareholders and the relative size of TCIL in relation to TAL, indicated that TCIL should be the accounting acquirer. As the accounting acquirer, the unaudited pro forma combined financial information reflects TCIL's accounting for the transaction by using TCIL's historical information and adding TAL’s assets and liabilities at their estimated fair values as of June 30, 2016, based on available information and upon assumptions that management believes are reasonable in order to reflect, on a pro forma basis, the impact of the transaction on the historical financial statements. These amounts are preliminary and may be subject to refinements as additional information becomes available.
The consideration for the transaction was paid out in common shares of Triton. TAL stockholders received one common share of Triton in exchange for each share of TAL common stock. TCIL's shareholders received 0.7986554526 Triton common shares for each of TCIL's common share based on a formula that resulted in former TAL stockholders holding approximately 45%, and former TCIL shareholders holding approximately 55%, of Triton common shares issued and outstanding immediately after the consummation of the mergers.
The fair value of the consideration, or the purchase price, in the unaudited pro forma financial information is approximately $510,280. This amount was derived based on 33,395,291 outstanding shares of TAL common stock as of July 12, 2016 inclusive of 408,000 shares of restricted stock that was converted to common shares of Triton at closing, the exchange ratio and a price per share of TAL common stock of $15.28, which represents the closing price of TAL's common stock on July 12, 2016.
TCIL allocated the purchase price paid by TCIL to the fair value of the TAL assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on preliminary estimates. The pro forma purchase price allocation below has been developed based on preliminary estimates of fair value using the historical financial statements of TAL as of June 30, 2016. In addition, the allocation of the purchase price to acquire tangible and intangible assets is based on preliminary fair value estimates and is subject to final management analysis, with the assistance of third-party valuation advisers.
The residual amount of the purchase price after the preliminary allocation to identifiable intangibles has been allocated to goodwill. The actual amounts recorded when the final allocations are complete may differ materially from the pro forma amounts presented below:
Net assets acquired:
(in thousands)

Unrestricted cash and cash equivalents

Restricted cash

Accounts receivable, net

Container rental equipment

Net investment in direct financing leases

Equipment held for sale


Other assets

Intangible assets

Accounts payable and other accrued expenses
Derivative instruments
Container rental equipment payable
Deferred income tax liability
Debt, net of deferred financing costs
Total consideration

The following table provides the unaudited pro forma results of operations, which gives effect to the transaction as if it had occurred on the first day of the earliest period presented (January 1, 2015). The pro forma results of operations reflects adjustments (i) to adjust amortization and depreciation expense resulting from the write-down of leasing equipment to fair value and the fair value of operating lease contracts over the current market rate as a result of purchase accounting and (ii) to eliminate non-recurring charges that were incurred in connection with the transactions including acquisition-related share-based compensation, transaction costs related to legal, accounting, and other advisory fees, and transaction costs related to retention and benefit costs.
Six Months Ended
Six Months Ended
June 30, 2016
June 30, 2015
Total revenues


Net income (loss)


Quarterly Dividend
On August 11, 2016, the Company's Board of Directors approved and declared a $0.45 per share quarterly cash dividend on its issued and outstanding common stock, payable on September 22, 2016 to shareholders of record at the close of business on September 8, 2016.

The above information was disclosed in a filing to the SEC. To see the filing, click here.

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