Rosewind CORP just filed a prospectus, suggesting it plans to soon issue some securities

Rosewind CORP just came out with a new prospectus, available here. This is an SEC requirement for firms looking to issue certain types of securities. An excerpt of the prospectus is provided below:



We may receive up to a total of $1,941,661 in gross proceeds if all of the warrants are exercised hereunder for cash. However, as we are unable to predict the timing or amount of potential exercises of the warrants, we have not allocated any proceeds of such exercises to any particular purpose. Accordingly, all such proceeds are allocated to working capital. It is possible that the warrants may expire and may never be exercised.


A fter the exercise of any of the warrants, we would not receive any proceeds from the resale of those shares by the selling stockholders because those shares will be sold for the accounts of the selling stockholders named in this prospectus.


We will incur all costs associated with this registration statement and prospectus.


The above information was disclosed in a filing to the SEC. To see the filing, click here.

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