David W Gryska, a director of PDL BioPharma, recently acquired 60,729 shares of the company. The buys took place at $2.47 per share, on June 09, 2017. Gryska now owns 165,163 shares of the company. Gryska operates out of Incline Village, NV. Some additional info was provided as follows:

The grant will cliff-vest on the first anniversary of the date of grant so long as the grant recipient continues to serve on the Board of Directors of PDL BioPharma, Inc. During the one-year vesting period, the grant recipient will have the right to vote the shares and receive any dividends and other distributions paid, except that dividends and other distributions will be accumulated and will vest and be paid, with interest, on the earlier of the same vesting conditions as the origin al award or March 15th of the year following the payment of such dividend or distribution to all stockholders.

The above information was disclosed in a filing to the SEC. To see the filing, click here.

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