Report of proposed sale of securities

> UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Washington, D.C. 20549 FORM 144 OMB APPROVAL OMB Number: 3235-0101 Expires: June 30, 2020 CUSIP NUMBER 1 (a) NAME OF ISSUER (Please type or print) America's Car-Mart Inc. (b) IRS IDENT. NO. 63-0851141 (c) S.E.C. FILE NO. 0-14939 WORK LOCATION 1 (d) ADDRESS OF ISSUER STREET CITY STATE ZIP CODE 802 SE Plaza Ave, Ste 200 (e) TELEPHONE NO. AREA CODE 479 NUMBER 418-8015 2 (a) NAME OF PERSON FOR WHOSE ACCOUNT THE SECURITIES ARE TO BE SOLD Eddie Hight (b) RELATIONSHIP TO ISSUER Director (c) ADDRESS STREET CITY STATE ZIP CODE 7 W. Nottingham Lane Roggers AR 72758 INSTRUCTION: The person filing this notice should contact the issuer to obtain the I.R.S. Identification Number and the S.E.C. File Number. 3 (a) (b) SEC USE ONLY (c) Number of Shares or Other Units To Be Sold 27370 (See instr. 3(c)) (d) Aggregate Market Value (See instr. 3(d)) (e) 1094800.00 Number of Shares or Other Units Outstanding (See instr. 3(e)) (f) 0 Approximate Date of Sale 08/31/2017 (See instr. 3(f)) (MO. DAY YR.) (g) Name of Each Securities Exchange NASDAQ/OTC (See instr. 3(g)) Title of the Class of Securities To Be Sold Commin Stock Name and Address of Each Broker Through Whom the Securities are to be Offered or Each Market Maker who is Acquiring the Securities Broker-Dealer First Allied Securities va Pershing LLC. File Number TABLE I SECURITIES TO BE SOLD Title of the Class Common Stock Date you Acquired Nature of Acquisition Transaction 4/15/05 4/30/08 4/30/09 5/1/07 5/1/08 5/1/09 Name of Person from Whom Acquired America's Car-Mart Inc (Compancy) (If gift, also give date donor acquired) Amount of Securities Acquired 27370 Date of Payment 4/15/05 4/30/08 4/30/09 5/1/07 5/1/08 5/1/09 Nature of Payment ESOP Excerize TABLE II SECURITIES SOLD DURING THE PAST 3 MONTHS No shares sold in the past three month DATE OF NOTICE (SIGNATURE) 8/31/2017 DATE OF PLAN ADOPTION OR GIVING OF INSTRUCTION, 8/31/2017 Signed Eddie Hight

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