EVP of MSG Networks just picked up 7,802 shares

Lawrence J. Burian, EVP of MSG Networks, recently acquired 7,802 shares of the company. The buys took place at prices ranging from $0.00 to $25.05 per share, on August 28, 2018. Burian now owns 49,425 shares of the company. Burian operates out of New York, NY. Some additional info was provided as follows:

Each performance restricted stock unit ("PSU") was granted on September 11, 2015 under the MSG Networks Inc. ("Networks") 2010 Employee Stock Plan, as amended. The PSUs vested on August 28, 2018 upon the achievement of performance criteria established at the time of grant. Represents PSUs of Networks withheld to satisfy tax withholding obligations in connection with the vesting of PSUs described in footnote 1 above, exempt under Rule 16b-3. Each restricted stock uni t ("RSU") is granted under the Networks 2010 Employee Stock Plan, as amended, and represents a right to receive one share of Class A Common Stock or the cash equivalent thereof. The RSUs are scheduled to vest in three equal installments on September 15, 2019, September 15, 2020 and September 15, 2021.

The above information was disclosed in a filing to the SEC. To see the filing, click here.

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