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Surrozen Presents Data Supporting Potential of


at The
Liver Biology Conference:

Fundamental Mechanisms and Translational Applications

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 17, 2021 — Surrozen Inc., a biotechnology company discovering and developing drug candidates to selectively
modulate the Wnt pathway, announced today that data from preclinical studies were presented in four oral Abstract Flash Talk presentations during The Liver Biology Conference: Fundamental Mechanisms and Translational Applications. The conference,
organized by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, is being held June



the four presentations, one oral presentation analyzed the transcriptome of human livers to evaluate gene expression shifts in alcohol-associated disease. The other oral presentations included data from studies of


Surrozen’s hepatocyte-targeted R-spondin mimetic, in normal mice and in various disease models. A replay of the oral presentations and associated copies will be available in the
Investors & Media section of Surrozen’s website.

“Severe liver diseases represent a significant area of high unmet need for patients
and providers, with severe alcoholic hepatitis alone accounting for 100,000 hospitalizations per year and a mortality rate of 30% within 90 days for patients,” commented Craig Parker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Surrozen.
“These data demonstrate why we are encouraged by the mechanism selected to address the condition, as well as affirming that


has potential for creating benefit for patients when it advances into
clinical studies, which we expect will be in 2022.”

In an oral presentation titled, “Transcriptome Analysis of Human Livers Explants from
Alcohol-Associated Liver Diseases Highlights a Loss of Pericentral and Proliferation Gene Expression,” the transcriptome analysis showed liver explants from patients with alcohol-associated liver disease have impairment in pericentral gene
expression and hepatocyte proliferation. In addition, Wnt ligands were elevated in these explants. These results suggest that


a bispecific fusion protein and hepatocyte-specific R-spondin mimetic,
which has been shown to induce pericentral gene expression and hepatocyte proliferation in different mouse models, could be beneficial for the treatment of alcohol-associated liver disease.

In a second oral presentation titled,


a Hepatocyte-Targeted R-spondin Mimetic, Promotes Transient
Hepatocyte Proliferation and Zonal Gene Expression Changes in Mice,” results demonstrated


ability to target hepatocytes and transiently promote their proliferation, suggesting its utility
as a regenerative therapy for liver diseases.

In a third oral presentation titled,


Hepatocyte-targeted R-spondin mimetic, Stimulates Hepatocyte Proliferation in an Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis model,” the data showed the potential of


to stimulate hepatocyte-specific cell
regeneration, to activate the Wnt signaling pathway and to improve hepatic function in aging mice after a prolonged chronic binge ethanol treatment.

In a
fourth oral presentation titled,


a Hepatocyte Targeted R-spondin Mimetic, Induces Hepatocyte Proliferation in an Acute Acetaminophen-induced Liver Injury model,” results demonstrated


can induce hepatocyte-specific regeneration in an acetaminophen-induced toxicity model, improving liver function and reducing the area of necrosis in the liver.


About Wnt Signaling

Wnt signaling plays key roles in the control of development, homeostasis, and regeneration of many essential organs and tissues, including liver, intestine,
lung, kidney, retina, central nervous system, cochlea, bone, and others. Modulation of Wnt signaling pathways has potential for treatment of degenerative diseases and tissue injuries. Surrozen’s platform and proprietary technologies have the
potential to overcome the limitations in pursuing the Wnt pathway as a therapeutic strategy.

About Surrozen

Surrozen is a biotechnology company discovering and developing drug candidates to selectively modulate the Wnt pathway. Surrozen is developing tissue-specific
antibodies designed to engage the

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