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On August 11, 2021, Jeffrey T. Martin, Senior Vice President, Omni-Channel Retail, of Kirkland’s, Inc. (the “Company”), announced his intent to resign from the position of Senior Vice President, Omni-Channel Retail of the Company, effective September 7, 2021. Mr. Martin, who will remain in his current capacity with the Company until his September 7 departure date, has resigned to become the president of a privately-owned arts and crafts company headquartered in the mid-west. Following Mr. Martin’s announcement and after reviewing Mr. Martin’s job duties, the Company has determined that the position of Senior Vice President, Omni-Channel Retail, will be eliminated, and Mr. Martin’s various duties and responsibilities will be divided among existing officers of the Company.


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August 16, 2021



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Title: Vice President and General Counsel



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